Mistrust & jealousy are the main connection killers. Drama serial “shukk” promotes the same philosophy. The tale rotates around three essential roles; Sherish, Ehtisham & Sania. Sehrish & Ehtisham being a gladly married pair have always kept their relation free from all types of deceit & doubtfulness, in spite of being deprived of a kid. However unluckily an accidental encounter of the pair with Sania, who was once engaged to Ehtisham however is now married to Ali, infused a high level of clash & disbelieve in their relation. This doubt not only ruins the life of Sehrish & Ehtisham but as well spoiled the connection of love & love between Sania & Ali, forcing Sania to face isolation. It is very interesting drama and it is aired on every Saturday at 08.00 pm only on ARY Digital.

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