Saraswatichandra Vyas a.k.a Saras lives in U.A.E and he is not interested in getting married, but Kumud Sundari Desai has been selected to be his spouse or partner. The story is based around their connection. After falling in love with each other, Kumud Sundari gets married to Pramad Dhan. Pramad doesn’t like Kumud Sundari but likes Kalika. Alak Nandini gets Saras from the way when he was wounded. Saras renames him Naveenchandra. The story rotates around Kumud trying to reform Pramad's alcoholic ways & Saras desires to assist her because he thinks it is his entire fault.

They struggle and outsmart Kalika throughout the series as she is slyness & wishes to marry Pramad herself. Pramad is aggressive & rude towards Kumud which puts her in a challenging predicament. The tale goes on as Saras wishing to assist Kumud but doesn’t accept because of his behavior of before. Watch latest Saraswatichandra online. We regularly update Saraswatichandra before everyone else.

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