Feriha is a young girl and she is the daughter of Janitor. They live in Etiler, a rich neighborhood. Feriha's mom is proud of her talented and smart girl and she wants her to attain more in life. Her daughter Feriha receives a scholarship from a private university and in university there the all students think that Feriha belongs to a very rich family. Feriha feels a shame on her background & doesn't tell accurate things to anyone and tries to put out of sight her background and so the lies start.

Emir is a play boy and he belongs to very rich family. Emir and Feriha fall in love with each other. Emir also thinks that she belongs to rich family. But Feriha desires to tell truth to Emir. Will her boyfriend Emir still be by her side after knowing about her lies? What will Feriha strict family do when they will know about her love in university? Watch Feriha Drama online. We regularly update Fariha urdu one drama episodes before everyone else.

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